In my Soviet-kind happy childhood, in the times later named the Epoch of promise in the Era of Stagnation," when the Communist ideology sought an almost cemetery-like agreement, books were a breath of fresh air, though not my only one. Through the iron curtain filtered a thin stream of foreign, mainly American, science fiction, translated into Russian. Some of the books by luminaries of the genre, Robert Silverberg, Hall Clement, Frederik Pohl and others were published, even under the Communist regime.
      We read almost all the works by these authors in samizdat (unauthorized translations). At that time, a chance to meet those authors was for us like the chance to meet Shakespeare but no possibilities to talk with these above mentioned celestials were allowed through the iron curtain.
      If at the age of 14, I had been told, that, when I grew older, I'd win the "L. Ron Hubbard Illustrators of the Future contest" and later, a heap of others, and that one day I'd become one of the judges, along with Frank Frazetta, Frank Kelly Freeze and other living legends, I would have never believed it, because it was far beyond the highest level of my boldest dreams.
      Now, such an inconceivable dream happens every summer in August when I have the chance to see the people, whose books had absorbed me in reading, back in my childhood and who now have given such high reviews of my own book.
      I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to those, who, with their amazing books, their work, talent and immeasurable imagination inspired me as a boy many years ago, and persuaded me, that by perseverance, persistency and passion one may not only fulfill one's dreams, but achieve something one can't even dream of today.
      I want to thank the executives and staff of Author Services Inc. who carry on the brilliant contests started by another of the masters of science fiction, L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the "Illustrators of the Future and the Writers of the Future" contests. It was his vision to bring together the great writers and illustrators of science fiction to help develop new talented, imaginative artists to enrich the culture and create new futures. Thanks to all of them for helping me successfuly start my career, as well as the careers of dozens of other artists and writers around the world.
      Finally, I'd also like to express my gratitude to all of those good people, I have met in my life, whose attention to my merits and tolerance of my demerits have helped make my success.

"Sergey Poyarkov is endlessly inventive and thought-provoking. His illustrations are full of humor, insight and poignant perspective. The vibrantly colorful images in Flawless Imperfections are like fractal that spiral deeper and deeper from one idea to another."
Kevin Anderson

"I can't merely look at Sergey's work; I have to stop and think about where he is sending my mind."
Hal Clement

"Flawless Imperfection is a joyous combination of the preposterous and the lovely-flawlessly drawn."
Frederik Pohl

"Thanks for your beautiful book. I was struck not only by the vivid originality of your pictorial imagination but the keen perceptions you express in your writing and the charming vigor of your English style."
Robert Silverberg