BIRTHDAY:                                               October 18th, 1965
BIRTHPLACE:                         Oster, Chernihiv region, Ukraine

 The Kyiv Art and Industrial Technical School        1981 - 1985

The Lviv's Polygraphic Colledge,                        1987 - 1990
Kyiv branch (Ukraine).

The Ukrainian Academy of Arts,                          1990 - 1995
Kyiv (Ukraine).

Worked in the press, including the biggest                       1990
Soviet magazines ╬gonyok,
Yunost and news papers Sobyesyednik,
Komsomolskoye Znamya etc.
Also worked as a book illustrator, a book-, a logo-,
a poster-, a cover designer.
Was published in Sweden, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia etc.
"L. Ron Hubbard's Illustrators of the Future"
International Contest, Gold Award, Los Angeles (USA).

Worked in Los-Angeles as a book illustrator.       1991 - 1992
Fandom Directory, Grand Prize (USA).

Worked as a free lancer, made illustrations for    1993 - 1994
more than 10 books not to mention others.

The 53rd World Con.95, Glasgow (Great Britain).              1995

The 54th World Con.96 Art Show,                                   1996
2nd place among professionals
and "Best Body of Work" award,
Los-Angeles (USA).

 The 55th World Con.97 Art Show, San Antonio,                1997
Texas (USA).
World Fantasy Convention, London (Great Britain).
Two exhibitions in Saarland (Germany).

 The 56th World Con.98 Art Show, Baltimore (USA).         1998
Dragon Con, "Best In Show" award, Atlanta (USA).
1 solo and 3 group exhibitions in Germany. 

Group exhibition at Pleiades Gallery on Broadway            1999
in Soho, New York (USA).
Exhibition at Olymp Gallery, Kyiv (Ukraine).
Biennial of graphics, └lzonne (France).
Dragon Con, Atlanta (USA).
World Comicon, San Diego (USA).
4 works were bought for Jane
Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum,
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
the Norton and Nancy Dodge Collection (USA).
Exhibition at the Saarbuecken
City Hall Gallery (Germany).

MegaCon 2000, ╬rlando, Florida (USA).                          2000
Exhibition at National Fine Arts Museum of
Ukraine, Kyiv (Ukraine).
Exhibition at Western and Oriental
Art Museum, Odesa (Ukraine).
Exhibition at "City N" gallery,
╩yiv (Ukraine).

Guest of Honour at DemiCon 12,                                    2001
Des Moines, Iowa (USA).
The 60th World Con.01 Art Show,
Philadelphia (USA).
Selected into the board of judges of
L. Ron Hubbard's Illustrators of the Future Contest.
Exhibition at Kiev Museum of Russian Art (Ukraine).
Balance of Contradictions coffee-table book
appeared in print.

Exhibition in Moskow                                                     2002
Modern Art Museum (Russia).

Exhibition in National Historical Museum of Ukraine.         2003
Flawless Imperfection coffee-table book appeared in print.

 Exhibition in Varavara and Bogdan Khanenko                   2004
City Museum of Art.
Second expanded edition of Flawless Imperfection
coffee-table book appeared in print.