Strife #2.(33kb)

Strife # 2.
Mixed media on paper, 2001„. 56 x 76Ůž
From Strife triptych. Dedicated to my friend Oleg Buzina.

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Strife. Triptych
The titles of these three works are "Strife of good with good", "Strife of evil with evil", "Strife of good with evil". I myself wouldn't undertake to put the titles to appropriate pictures of the triptych, because depending o the point of view, on circumstances, convictions and moods they can change their places.
Somebody's dream of the whole life can be the worst punishment for the other. Good an evil are closely interwoven, become their opposites, delimit and combine into an uncountable set of variants.
With pleasure I shift of to the spectator the freedom and responsibility to place the titles in this triptych or rather not to do that at all. Such is the game..