Analytical Temptation.(21 kb)

Analytical Temptation.
Mixed media on paper. 2000. 22" x 30".

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The work is dedicated to my friend, artist Sasha Zaharov, who lives in New York now. His philosophy, his concept is to subject to analysis everything, that surrounds him. It, basically, is one of the properties of human nature - we are often venturesome - ready to take risks and go to the brink. And we are often not ready to stop. - Say if you take some sausage, slice it by chunks, you'll have simply appetising chunks of sausage.- That's what sausage is for! But it is in the nature of a man to go on analysing: he takes out slices of lard from this sausage, splits it into molecules and then, bluntly scratching his head, not without pride for the things done looks at formless bulk which is already absolutely unsuitable for food. This desire to penetrate into a deep sense of the subject, eventually, transforms the object of analysis into full senselessness. Everything in life is determined by proportions. There is always a certain point, after which we surpass borders of common sense. On the one hand, a man should not be afraid to violate some borders in the philosophical surveys, but at the same time, in real life the violation of some borders leads to certain consequences.
The road, which looks finished, a terminal point, after which, apparently, it is impossible to go on analysing, in fact is not finite. Behind this point there is still something, that is possible to be seen with a larger magnifying glass. If we managed to find a more powerful glass. But does further analyses make sense? The lake of knowledge may be coated with cobble stone, and tossing a fishing tackle, having entered it beyond a certain limit is already nonsense. Any, even the most reasonable action may reach the point of irrationality. There is a game in it, some charm, parody; it may be terribly interesting. The thing can be absolutely senseless, but beautiful in form. What sense is there say, in art? It simply is beautiful. And the analysis should not be necessarily interpreted. It may be simply beautiful. When a man is grasped by an idea, say by an idea of analysis, it leads him further and further, and it is difficult to say, whether it is bad or good. Simply it is pleasant to yield to temptation.