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Freedom of Choice Quadriptych.

Life is a locked system: it is possible to ponder upon any phrase, anything, that is around us, that we see every day. One may peer into routine and suddenly see it from another angle. It often happens so: a 50-year old person claps himself on his forehead and says: " My God, I have known it all my life and suddenly I understood it "Any person, irrespective of his age and trade, understands something, opens something new for himself. It is only necessary to peer to find out something new, to see a customary thing from a different angle of view. For example, hearing a phrase " fish salad ", we imagine salmon, for example, chopped with something. Though if you think, fish salad could be salad from alive fishes with chess. And, if you look at salad from the aesthetic point of view, instead of gastronomical, that is not to eat it, but admire, the one who will prove at court, what is it not salad, let him be the first to throw stone in my direction. Similarly it is possible to cook, say "chess salad ": from chess with bottles. And to chop bottle - with fishes. I have mixed everything with everything. And here they are - all three possible variations. The circle has closed. But it is possible to go further, to proceed to another level, to break through into a qualitatively different area. And to make, say, salad of all salads. Here fishes are transformed into bottles, the fish is a chess knight - subjects pass from one into another. It seemed, as if we have completed a cycle; and that is all - the end. But actually there are no ends. The end - and the following sentence, book, salad or life begins. No subject can be closed, no city can be completed, no work can be finished, it is always possible to make the following step.