Chess or  Supper with candle lights beating a game of chess.(37 kb)

Chess or Supper with candle lights beating a game of chess.
Mixed media on paper. 1999. 22" x 30".

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Any complex designs, any mathematical calculations are always a little bit torn off from life. Therefore supper with candle lights will always defeat a game of chess. Though a game of chess is very attractive, all the same it is an artificial construction, and the household simple routine things always overcome. Chess is an apparent disorder of uncountable optional versions and the development of events, and actually it represents strict orderliness. In our world the disorder develops according to strictly ordered scheme. But any ordered scheme is subject to completely unexpected interference of a chance, and this balance is a balance of contradictions.
When I saw New York for the first time with its harmonic eclecticism, mixture of all conceivable styles of clothes, views, architecture and languages, I felt some alliance with it, because there is in it the same balance of contradictions. And the same balance of contradictions exists in a little town in Germany on the French border.
There are things, which unite people and disconnect them very much. Basically, a man may be pleased with everything. Even with the fact that people die. You see it would be awful, if people lived eternally. For life to continue it is necessary, that other generations left. The charm of life is even in this. It pulls to itself as a magnet, and in a magnet the poles are senseless, because one pole simply is impossible without his opposite. We live in a balance of calculation and contingencies, creativity and ordinary things, the high and the absurd.