Good Luck! (31kb)

Good Luck!
Mixed media on paper. 1999. 22" x 30".

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The person can not easy be pulled out of the system, which he got used to, in which he was born. He can not leave his roots, he can not cease to be a man or a woman, he can not change what he has grown in. He may transform it, expand so that it will become unrecognisable, but all the same the essence will remain the same. That is laid up in us from childhood, will remain with us up till the end. The person, who lives in a system of society, cannot turn it over on his own. On the other hand, this system helps and holds him, on the other - puts limits. But in any case the man can not leave the system, simply rise and leave, because he is connected with this system by roots, he has grown in it to the same degree, as the system has grown into him. Few are capable to be Diogen, not many are capable to leave a system. Only those who undertake the trouble to transfer the values from one system of life to another. This luggage will help the man to create a micro - counter - system. To keep one system is possible only with the help of another system. The circle will be closed all the same.
Once at night, when nobody sees it , when the system is sleeping, people together with the house, with their dog's kennel and mats left it. They simply stuck the air balloon to the house and it turned into a basket of an air balloon, into a gondola, which carries them away... And this microcosmos, this small counter - system has mounted above this world, was pulled out with the roots, but on the ground has remained a little wound. And a paper miniature aircraft cast by a child may be both a clean page, and a farewell letter.
And maybe this little house, which has flown away from a huge city, is a fungus spore, from which a city of a large size will grow. And the wind carries all over the world the seeds of cities.
When this family mounted above the system, it saw, that this system (and family itself), as any other one, goes to its end. Any system is finished. sooner or later. Any world goes to destruction. But on the other hand - the destruction of one system means the birth of another one.
We leave the system, which will necessarily be finished, and enter another one, which is finite too. But just because people pass from one system into another system, make their way through walls, the world is rotating. And if you have undertaken boldness and trouble to leave the system, to be ready for a certain step, good luck!