Do Not Stop! (23 kb)

Do Not Stop!
Mixed media on paper. 1999. 22" x 30".

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I do not remember, when I made a discovery, that the world is a system of obligations.
Here a man is flying and playing the piano. While he is playing this piano - he is flying. But as soon as he ceases to play he will fall. Each of us lives in his own definite rhythm, sits at his keyboard. This rhythm is set to us by society or by ourselves. And when one tries to stop, to change this rhythm, all this complex mechanism of his life starts to descent. The motto "don't stop" on the one hand is good and fine, on the other - limits us very much. A bomb, as the extreme means of the solution of disputes, any conflicts in all this system, or a telephone as a means of communication. A man may have some tea, but won't stop hitting the keys. He should beat keys every day, whether he wants it or not, without stopping. The birds are flying past, he is flying above some cities...One may beat keys more often and then the device will mount higher, the horizon will widen. If you beat them less often, the machine will fly closer to the ground. On the one hand, this result very much depends on us, on frequency, with which we beat the keys. But, on the other hand, we cannot stop hitting; it is our destiny. It must be accepted as fate. It is our doom to hit keys up till death, as a game or as fun. It depends on you, how you treat this, but all the same it is impossible to stop. Certainly, it is possible to blast a bomb, to click the push button of self-destruction. But is it the way out? No, vanity has its charm, it is fine. So don't stop, fly further.