Winter. (26 kb)

Winter. From Fore Seasons quadriptych
Mixed media on paper. 2000. 21" x 39.5".

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Such abundance of clocks and watches in the picture is not accidental. With age a man becomes more tolerant. He perceives, that there are many points of view, there are many views on life, and each of them is correct and exact. As it is impossible to say precisely, what is the time on the Earth, for it is different everywhere, so it is impossible to say categorically, whose point of view on life, whose philosophy is more correct. Spring categoriality is finished by winter indulgence. With age a man is less inclined to generalisations. Stillness and philosophy of this season - moon, a ship, which grew into a certain substance, it either sails or does not sail - it is not clear. And if in "Spring" there were flying birds and dragonflies in the foreground, here there is an ostrich-bird, which does not fly, or bizarre beast, for whom it is difficult to move because of the unnecessary muscles. They symbolise a combination of exuberantly wide experience with vanishingly small possibility to apply it. If in other works from this series people are pictured, here there remained only caricature beasts. Winter in human life is a stage of calmness, the most sluggish of all movements. And in sense of humour of this season sadness is combined with fatigue.