Spring (26 kb)

Spring. From Fore Seasons quadriptych
Mixed media on paper. 2000. 21" x 39.5".

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Spring is like childhood, life an airplane. The child is a creature flying permanently in dream, an unruly "machine", he flies into this world as a bird. He has an endless number of possibilities of what to become, who to be. Children fly in their dreams; they fly there in the first part of life. And children are interested in completely different things in this flight. Therefore in the picture one can see games, bows, booms, beetles and a kite launched from a site in front of the air castle. It is a period of maximum vulnerability, comfortable dependence and sincerity. It is impossible to press a button of a stopcock in a plane, to reach the shore if you are overboard, rip through a tire with a nail. And the parents from both sides streamline the wings by an airflow of their care.