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Seduction. Triptych

Seduction. Triptych Seduction is a triptych-parody. The word " Seduction " is very intriguing, it is a romantically sounding thing, but it often is so trite, and banal, and happens so ridiculously and clumsily. It acquired so many tags and cliches, that it is possible to speak ironically of it. For example, classic - post-medieval attitude to the object seduced, is presented by silent - big-eyed, surprised fishes. The background accompanying all the stages of seduction corresponds to the mood of each character. In each case the skies play up the character. Cheerful escapade- the skies are in diamonds of stars. The process of mesmerising meditation is a quiet lonely moon. "Big macho" is figured against the background of rough evening sun. Accordingly for each type there is a typical landscape too. In the first stage it is steps, in the second - a boundless, very shallow unmoving ocean, in the third - mountains, pits and bumps of the utterly impassable countryside.