Orchestra of Life Time Guaranty. (28kb)

Orchestra of Life Time Guaranty.
Mixed media on paper. 1997. 25,5" x 36".

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Inside each man there plays an orchestra, which nobody sees. The conductor is the current month. For example, my month is the tenth - and the man is sitting at the drum. It isn't his turn to conduct. Today is May. It is his, May's, turn to drum in October.
While the person May is living, the orchestra is playing. It is playing a tune, appropriate to him, though not necessarily audible. An orchestra of eternal Vanity. Here each person may find his month and musical instrument. Probably, someone will say: " well, why am I a trumpet? I am a violin ". It is the essence of life, that the one who has always considered himself a violin, will become famous, say, as a bassoon. Conan Doyle wrote serious things and was almost ashamed of the stories about Sherlock Holmes. But for the whole world he has remained as a writer of the stories about Sherlock Holmes. We may consider ourselves anybody, but, I think, if historical people found out, whom they were considered by their offsets, they would be very much surprised. But one shouldn't treat it seriously. let one tune play inside me, and outside you hear another one. What does it matter? You see, in any case, there is an orchestra of life time guaranty, and it is playing, while a man is alive.