Impossibility of Generalization. (30 kb)

Impossibility of Generalization.
Mixed media on paper. 1996. 23" x 27"

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This picture is about joy and an annoying impossibility to create a conclusion. It is impossible to state up to the end, there are always some disputable, unfinished moments. I am not sure, that Nietzsche, for example, believed in what he declared in writing. Therefore he can't be liked or disliked personally. He stated a certain argument, which he himself didn't necessarily believe in. He saw in it some possibility of self-expression. He enjoyed promoting his bizarre ideas in the context of a huge mine of an all-embracing human world outlook. Beautiful, logical, orderly theory is in itself worthy of being declared, even if it is not correct. Always, when we descend into one space and comprehend it, we may find there a well, which leads to another sphere. And, we draw something from this well from the barrel with the help of the bucket. And in this barrel there is sure to be a hole into the following system. There is nothing, that may be generalised. Generalisation is the most terrible invention of mankind. It is impossible to generalize Russians and Americans, Europeans or Australians. Any generalisation is the reverse side of the phrase: to say - means to lie. What we see in life is only a fragment, a piece, and a very uncompleted one. Any philosophy, however seamless, has from each side of its sphere a huge space, in many ways its superior. This little man has got out of one space, and this hole is a passage into the next space, and we are limited by our life, by the date of birth and the date of death. We are free in this period, in this length of the road, which we have. But to generalise our life it is too short.