Offence. From Privacy series.
Mixed media on paper. 1992 - 1999. 17,5" x 12".

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Occasionally each person takes some offence. And in the picture is shown the condition of the person offended. He is sailing in the bucket with a flower - he is an artist. Any person is an artist; all people are to a greater or lesser extent inclined to creative gusts. A man has taken offence, and here he is rowing by this brush somewhere, far from everybody. Here near a bed stands a machine gun. And the man will shoot, if somebody suddenly touches him. Near him is a drawing easel, fishing tackle, everything, that is necessary for life. He has weighed the anchor, and a birdhouse is tied to the flower-pot.
Birdhouse for me is a symbol of stability, of home, cosiness. Because people at war and consequently indifferent to home do not hang birdhouses. Such a detail demonstrates, that people are nonmigratory creatures, and birds are birds of passage*. When a man wants to create cosiness, he makes tiny things, which apparently are unimportant, but yet influence the subconscious mind.
* Though somewhere there are people, who can not sit at one and the same place, and birds that never fly... And at war a soldier constructs the bird's feeder from empty tins and grain chips, being home - and peace-sick.