Time. (27kb)

Time. From Privacy series
Ink, pen. 1992. 17,5" x 12".

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A figure of a person, who has a hour hand fixed to his left hand, on the right - a minute one... One may suggest, that he himself indicates time. But the time is a relative thing. Generally speaking I like abundance of clocks and watches, abundance of index dials. For me it is always associated with a situation, when the attorney, defending the accused, explains to the judge, that the accused in general is worthy of indulgences, it is necessary to pity him and forgive. And the public prosecutor says no, he has to be punished. The judge says to both the public prosecutor, and the attorney: "You are right". A man rises from the hall and says: " Listen, It can't be so that both the prosecutor and the attorney are right. It is nonsense". And the judge responds: " Well, what am I to say? And you are right too ".
These clocks are similar to human world outlooks, which hang, as fruit, and form branches as well. In life such branches are formed by people, as for example, Confucius. His followers are already like fruits. And this archangel is today's moment and today's situation. This situation demonstrates, whose time is exact now. Though there is actually no exact time.