Sancho Panzas, Who Have  Crucified Don Quixote. (23kb)

Sancho Panzas, Who Have Crucified Don Quixote.
Mixed media on paper. 1984. 25,5" x 31".

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It is the first picture, with which my today's creating concept began to develop.
All people are divided into Don Quixotes and Sancho Panzas. The former are dreamers and visionaries; the latter are the implementation of household wisdom, and sometimes simplicity, which is worse than stealing. And all this together makes up a balanced system. For example, the revolutions were started by Don Quixote, and finished by Sancho Panzas, which killed the quixotism in the end. Sancho Panzas crucified Don Quixote, and also made a fool of him. It, certainly, is a picture - protest, but at the same an attempt at analysis.