Freedom of Movement.  (27kb)

Freedom of Movement.
Mixed media on paper. 1996. 23,5" x 32".

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Gaining something in one area, we necessarily lose something in another one.
A man, who is walking with a dog under an umbrella, may freely be placed on a chessboard. But only in his cage. We don't see another part of space, and we can only guess, that terrible beasts, which will gorge our hero, like a helpless kid, if he gets out from under the cage. That is wearing of cage for each of us is a necessity. Thus we protect ourselves. In real life the wire-net is interchanged by philosophy, money or position in society. But these nets while protecting us, also impose definite limitations. Let's say, people with the minimum financial status have considerable advantages over those with very high financial status. For a beggar of a philosopher there don't exist problems, which the rich have. The latter have to keep thinking, that money should make money, about finances, work, family, responsibility to all who trust him. But the poor person has other problems. That is all the same he is not free to go for a walk without cage. The people, who in the picture live on a tree, can be displaced only within the limits of the branch; they do not have this visible square, but they have a lead, which attaches them to the twig. Yes, they are free, within the limits of the branch. But no more than that. Each person is unfree in this world. Also it is impossible to say, which unfreedom is better, and which is worse. An eternal problem - what is it better to be: a monk or Rockerfeller. The choice is yours.